NSTF Media Release | Investigating SET's Role in the SDGs
September 14, 2017  

Supplied by IAIAsa Administrator from IAIAsa
Coordinating role of the Department of Science and Technology (DST): The DST’s Dr Isayvani Naicker says that the DST has a role to play across all the SDGs, particularly around enabling partnerships. This falls in line with the DST mission to develop, coordinate and manage a National System of Innovation. Coordination becomes crucial – What are people doing? Where is the duplication? How can resources be mobilised into the most-needed areas? SET is seen as enablers for the SDGs. The Presidency is charged with collating and reporting. To reach that point, there is a need for monitoring and evaluation across government departments, business, civil society etc. SET is recognised as an enabler in the successful implementation of the SDGs, and will also help in monitoring and evaluation.