IAIAsa Events 2023/2024 Financial Year – Attendance Registers for CPD

The list of Events held in the 2023/2024 financial year is below. If you know that you attended an event you may download the attendance register below per event for submission with your CPD portfolio. 


The control attendance registers have been submitted to the Registration Authorities (EAPASA and SACNASP) for verifcation purposes.

If your name is not on the attendance register you are looking for, you may have either registered for the event and not logged in or attended, or not have been online for an adequate duration during the event.

CPD is awarded on the basis of time spent on professional development, rather than logging in and out of free events or registering, logging in and putting your computer on mute.  

Please be honest with yourselves. Queries may be lodged with secretariat@iaiasa.co.za but have at least a 10 day turn around.

2023/2024 (Period 1 March 2023 to 28 February 2024)

FS-1270323The Sting in the Green ScorpionsOnline Attendance Register
In-person Attendance Register  
WC-1200423Marine Spatial Planning Attendance Registe
NAT-1210423Amends to GA S21(c) & S21(i) Attendance Register 
KZN-1310523The Implications of Changing Environmental Legislation 
for the Energy Crisis in South Africa  
Attendance Register 
FS-2120623Mini Sympsoium: A One on One with Our specialists Attendance Register  
MPU-1290723Requirements for Coal Yards Attendance Register 
NAT-2180723SANBI VEGMAP Attendance Register 
GP-1070923The Myths & Truths of Alternative Energy Attendance Register 
NAT-3210923Brushing Up on DFFE Requirements; New Application Forms : A Worshop presented by DFFE for applicatons to the National Competent Authority   Attendance Register  
FS-3290923Public Participation in Practice Attendance Regsiter 
MPU-2101023Planning and Biodiversity considerations for Renewable Energy Projects in MPUAttendance Register