About IAIAsa

Strategy 2025

As 2025 draws nearer our 2025 Strategy is coming to the end of its path and the NEC is looking forward to preparing Strategy 2030. Please click here to read the Strategy 2025 document.

The 2025 strategic objectives were as below and have been woven into all our processes towards 2025. 

  1. Enhancing effective knowledge and information transfer through CPD and promotion of IEM practice;
  2. Advocating for sustainable outcomes and ethical practice in IEM;
  3. Improving the organisations effectiveness and sustainability;
  4. Ensuring inclusive membership;
  5. Establishing a contemporary brand; and
  6. Consolidating and growing partnerships.


We invite you early in this process to share any ideas you may have about how we could approach the Strategic process. If you would like to share any advice, ideas, methods of engaging the members, hopes for IAIAsa going forward to 2030 please share them with us.