KZN DRAFT Policy Guideline

The KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism & Environmental Affairs [EDTEA] has developed a Draft Policy Guideline for the process and procedures necessary within KwaZulu-Natal for the submission, review and adoption of Maintenance Management Plans as referred to in the relevant EIA Regulations, 2014 (as amended). This Draft Policy Guideline is being circulated for comment and discussion purposes only. It is currently not approved.

This Policy Guideline, once approved by the Department, will be used to guide and direct applications made for the adoption of a Maintenance Management Plan for those activities where these plans may apply. It is therefore essential that we get comment from any EAP’s that may have an interest, in respect of the Draft Policy Guideline, to ensure that the Policy Guideline is clear and effective and ensures consistency in application.

Please find attached the Draft Policy Guideline. Any comment EAP’s may have on the Draft can be considered, prior to the Department approving the Policy.

Any comments that any IAIAsa members may have be submitted to by the 15th December 2021.