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New Tools:

WKC Group continue to be fully committed to the South African market and have broadened our service offerings to include marine modelling (hydrodynamic, oil spill, discharge and sediment plume modelling –  https://wkcgroup.co.za/marine/). In conjunction with our air dispersion and noise modelling services, we now provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for your environmental modelling needs. 

We are also expanding the Benthic Invertebrates Analysis, Plankton Analysis, and Benthic Infauna Analysis offered by our Dubai office by establishing a testing laboratory within our Durban office. 

To ensure we provide useful content and share relevant knowledge with our clients and colleagues in South Africa, we have also launched a dedicated South African website (www.wkcgroup.co.za). We plan to use this platform to provide some of the more complex environmental engineering tools covering air, noise and water disciplines (our global website already provides a range of tools). These are free to use and support the delivery of environmental studies and design considerations. 

We recognise the Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL) application process is both technically and legally complex, and in support of this we have provided self-help guides along with an AEL Decision Support Tool which indicates likely licencing needs for a facility in seconds: https://wkcgroup.co.za/ael-licence/).  This is free to use. 

In addition, our acoustic team has developed a Noise Impact Assessment tool to assist in determining the level of assessment required for a particular Project. The need for specialist noise assessments together with the associated reporting requirements are described within National Government Gazette 43110 [Noise Impact Screening]. In accordance with the regulations, the sensitivity of the site must first be established, and thereafter, a noise specialist assessment or a noise compliance statement must be submitted to the relevant authorities. Non-conformance with this requirement can lead to community complaints, fines, suspension of site activities and potentially significant reputational impacts.

Our noise team has developed a self–help guide to interactively support facility operators, environmental assessment practitioners and noise specialists to determine the type of noise assessment that may be required. Click here for our Noise Impact Assessment Tool, as well as the link to our downloadable checklists.

If you would like to be kept updated on free-to-use tools, decision support trees and data tables, we suggest you subscribe on one of the tool pages on our website (this will be implemented soon)!

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