DFFE | Government Notice | Expanded Eastern and Western Strategic Transmission Corridors

The Minister of Forestry Fisheries and the Environment has identified the Expanded Eastern and Western Strategic Transmission Corridors which are of strategic importance when planning for the development of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure in terms of S24(3) of the National Environmental Management Act, as expansion of the Strategic Transmission Corridors published in Government Notice No 113 under Government Gazette number 41445 on 16th February 2018 as set out in the schedule.

For the convenience of the public this notice repeals and replaces Government Notice number 383 published under government Gazette number 44504 on 29 April 2021, which was gazetted, due to an administrative error, without its associated Appendix 1, containing the map indicating the Strategic Transmission Corridors. However, a link to the interactive map was available in the published Notice.

This Notice and the Schedule, inclusive of Appendix 1, are effective from 29 April 2021, which is the date on which the original notice was published.