Notice to Update Water Use Information in Terms of The National Water Act, 1998 (Act No 36 of 1998) by 10 June 2023

GOVERNMENT GAZETTE No. 48187, Notice No 3137 dated 10 March 2023 | NOTICE TO UPDATE WATER USE INFORMATION IN TERMS OF NATIONAL WATER ACT, 1998 (ACT NO 36 OF 1998) by 10 June 2023 

In terms of Regulation 11 of the water use registration regulations published under Government Notice R1352 in Government Gazette 20606 of 12 November 1999, the registered water user must within one month of any change in the water use reflected in any registration certificate, report that change to the responsible authority.

Mr Senzo Mchunu, the Minister of Water and Sanitation has in his capacity as a responsible authority instructed water users in writing to submit an application for an amendment or to submit a new application for registration for amendment within 90 days.

Extracts of the Notice for attention  

5.1 No charge will be made for an application of amendment of water use, if the completed registration form is submitted within the period contemplated in this notice.

5.2 A late registration fee equivalent to the amount of water use charge outstanding at the date of registration will be charged on water users who will failed to comply with this notice or previous notices.

6.1 Submission of registration information shall commence once the notice is published and will be for 90 days.

7. Any person who fails to comply with this notice will be guilty of an offence.