Pre-Conference Training

It is time for IAIAsa to once again issue its annual call for training proposals. Travel costs are creeping ever upward making the offering of affordable in-person training an eternal challenge.

We will primarily focus on providing training as a pre-conference offering this year, but also welcome proposals that can be offered at other times throughout the calendar year. We are committed to facilitating continued professional development (CPD) and thus call on individuals or companies to submit proposals for the provision of CPD Training events. Proposals should be written as a well-structured motivation on why the topic is relevant to members and to the sector at large, with details on content, programme, dates, venues (virtual or online), etc.

The CPD subcommittee and NEC will evaluate each proposal and indicate its suitability or relevance for the Association’s intended CPD Programme. Upon receiving a response, the proponent will be informed on the process of validating and implementing the training.

Proposals should be submitted by no later than 16:00 on Friday, 10th May 2024.

Proposals should be submitted to: with the subject line: “CPD Training Proposal 2024/25”.

For more information please download the “Call for Pre-Conference Training Proposals” document here

Please feel free to share this call.